What is Wizzard?

WIZZARD Is A Cloud Based Software That Delivers A Complete Affiliate Solution.

How Does Your Customer BENEFIT?

Wizzard is all about affiliate results without the usual long-winded approach.
* Decide which product you want to promote.* Use Wizzard to extract and repurpose existing video content (No creation required) & upload.* Then get Google to send targeted search traffic (normally in minutes) – Using a little-known technique.

Wizzard has the following features.

Create Complete Affiliate Campaigns In Minutes

Wizzard gives users the ability to create complete affiliate campaigns in minutes without experience or prior assets using existing content and free google search traffic.

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Uses Existing Content

Affiliate marketing is supposed to be easy… 

The Wizzard process works by utilizing existing and repurposing content from the internet so users can roll out complete campaigns in minutes.

Google Search Traffic In Minutes

No traffic know-how required – Wizzard leverages Google search traffic with just a few clicks using a hidden method Google will never tell you about… This little hack normally starts working in minutes! – No skills required, suitable for anyone

Create Easy Campaigns And Earn Easy Commissions

Now Users Can Start seeing results and potential affiliate income online without experience, tech, ongoing Costs, customer service, or even a website!

Avoid Months / Years Of Hard Work

Wizzard is designed to work from day one without websites, tech, existing assets and without additional costs… If your subscribers want to experience results as affiliates without months of tedious learning – show them Wizzard

Sales Funnel And Commissions

As With All Our Launches We Focus On YOUR Bottom Line  We Build Our Funnels To Maximize Your EPCs And Over-Deliver Value.   People Love Our Products And We Make Sure We Boost Your Commissions To The MAX… 

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