The Breakout Code 2.0 Review – Make Money Creating Funnels?

People have earned a lot from affiliate marketing. They sell the products and services from other companies and earn commission in return. THE BREAKOUT CODE 2.0 is a product that provides information on the best affiliate marketing techniques, helps you in the way of affiliate marketing, and ensures your success as an affiliate marketer within a short time.
That is the exciting product that discloses the facts about affiliate marketing, which is beneficial for the affiliates. They can get step-by-step guidance to double their profit within months.


THE Breakout Code 2.0 is an information product through which James shares the practical experience of his own work-life as an affiliate marketer and shares how he has improved the exact process to generate over 352K in Affiliate Commissions in 2020. Affiliate marketer James shares his tricks with people to help them make earning simpler and faster.

150K Case Study

THE Breakout Code 2.0 consists of a case study showing how an affiliate marketer earned handsome profit by following some easy tips. James goes through the steps he took to grew from 0$ to 150K dollars within just a few months, and now he is earning the five figures monthly. We have seen the success of applying the Coupon code at checkout. James has been doing this on cold traffic for the past three months. And he has seen a 2-3% average increase in conversions; it is a real case study with actual figures and based on James’s true events.


James shared the exact traffic methods by which he attracts the visitors and earns commission by promoting the products and services of famous companies. The four main sections of THE BREAKOUT CODE 2.0 are:

⦁ Affiliate Breakout
⦁ Breakout Funnels
⦁ Email Cash Breakout
⦁ Breakout Traffic

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Affiliate Breakout

The affiliate breakout section includes the training on developing the mindset for affiliate marketing, finding the hot products on Warrior Plus to promote, the ways to get accepted for promotion of hot products, and the products which generate more traffic.

Breakout Funnels

The Breakout code gives the complete training on creating funnels to attract buyers, making breakout Optin page, breakout bridge/thank you, and exit page to increase conversions on products. The other thing taught which brings you the money is connecting the funnel with an email list.

Email Cash Breakout

Breakout email marketing teaches how to convert email lists into buyers, send cash-generating newsletters, and send HTML emails with more click and open rates and list segmentation for better responses.

Breakout Traffic

It guides tracking the traffic by using the click magick tool, scaling the solo ads and generation of the leads through targeted buyers, and using Facebook business groups to gain free traffic.

Prices & Upsells

The Breakout code 2.0 Funnel

Features of BREAKOUT CODE 2.0

⦁ Simple To Understand

It is the easiest method to learn and apply affiliate marketing techniques, which does not require the knowledge or use of software and technical skills. It is accurate data based on the case study; this data is not shared by anyone online among hundreds of affiliate marketers.

⦁ Traffic

Offers the best affiliate marketing knowledge to get more traffic and earn $200 daily. James reveals the methods of gaining more traffic to increase the amount earned through promotions.

⦁ Less Time- More Profit

The commission is generated within 24 hours. Breakout Code 2.0 gives the best tips which can make you an expert affiliate marketer.

⦁ Training

Step-by-step video training is there, which guides you on how you can use the breakout code 2.0 for earning massive commissions daily. Details about the code get shared in video tutorials which save you from ambiguities.

⦁ Treasure For Affiliates

He communicates all the secrets about his affiliate marketing success; affiliates should consider it a treasure because finding this type of information is scarce. No one shares these techniques so openly with the public.

⦁ Customer Support

Breakout code provides 24/7 support for the users. Although the process is simple, the enthusiastic team is always ready to guide respected users at any time.


In my opinion, THE BREAKOUT CODE 2.0 is a good informative product for newbies to learn and get familiar with the basics of effective affiliate marketing.  You will that how to create Landing Pages, Optin Pages, Bridge pages in Clickfunnels. And then how to drive traffic to your offer and you collecting emails at the same time.

James openly shares the analytical data with the viewers to show the authenticity of earning through affiliate marketing.

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