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Is it really easy to make money with Natura? Is it a scam? These are mostly questions are asked about Natura Brazil MLM Company. This is a good option if you have marketing skills, a unique marketing plan, and believe in the value of Natura products. In this Natura MLM Products Review, I will take a look at a range of products and opportunities. And is it a good place to start to make some extra cash?

A Brief History

The founder of Natura is Antonio Luiz Seabra and it was founded in August 1969. The Natura currently owns Aesop, The Body Shop, Avon, and Cosmticos.

In 1970 he opened the first Natura shop in São Paulo. His early experience informed his approach to cosmetics: offering skincare and body care products using natural active ingredients.

natura beauty cosmetics

Natura & Co claims they have 6+ million consultants & representatives. 34+ thousand employees & associates. 35+ thousand people in the 60 traditional communities that we source from. 15+ million people impacted by programs on public education in the past 10 years. 550+ million US$ investment in the Amazon, as well as The Body Shop communities in the past 10 years. 1+ billion US$, invested on women’s causes in past 40 years.

Natura’s Main Brands and Their History

Parent: Natura & Co
Industry: Cosmetics, Beauty & Wellness

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The Body Shop

Anita Roddick was a businesswoman, a human rights activist and an environmental campaigner who pioneered a retail business model designed to create a positive impact for individuals and communities. Anita opened her first shop “The Body Shop” in 1976 in Brighton, U.K. She defined beauty as a source of joy and energy as well as a powerful tool for building self-esteem.

The Body Shop Product Categories

The Body Shop Google Customer Reviews
natura body shop


David H. McConnell was a pioneer of social progress. He was a visionary with a big idea to help women achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship and flexible working. It was a radical business model in 1886 when employment options for women were extremely limited. From a small New York City office, McConnell mixed the company’s first fragrances himself and recruited a team of women to be Sales Representatives. The set of guiding principles he created is still at the heart of Avon today.

Avon was acquired by Natura in May, 2019 and Brazilian Regulations Authorities approved in November 2019 and completed in January, 2020 which made Natura the 4th largest beauty company in the world.

Avon Products Categories

Avon Verified Customers Reviews on Trustpilot
Avon Verified Customers Reviews on Trustpilot
Natura MLM Products review Avon


Aesop was born of a curious young man who was obsessed with quality, and deeply sensitive to the world around him. Dennis’s vision is manifested in every aspect of Aesop—from the quality of the ingredients used to formulate products to the painstaking attention to detail evident in the design of each of the company’s stores around the world. Aesop has spawned many an imitation, which has served to demonstrate that while it may be possible to mimic Aesop’s outward character, its spirit cannot be pilfered or replicated.

Natura acquired a 65% stake of AESOP in 2012 and took total ownership in December 2016.

Aesop Product Categories

natura Aesop Verified Customers Reviews on Trustpilot
Aesop Verified Customers Reviews on Trustpilot
natura aesop products range

What is Business Opportunity with the Natura MLM Company?

Business opportunity means that the company provides all essential training, tools, and marketing strategies and plan. If you’re brand new in Natura MLM and not sure what the best marketing strategy would be to get more customers online. Then it would be hard for you to get sales in this competitive industry. And mostly Natura products are being sold on Amazon and through other online resources. So it is very hard to get share without knowledge of the online industry.

On the other hand, if you have a good online social appearance and you have the right tools and marketing techniques to present your product online in front of the right audience, then there are chances that you can get your share.

natura brands products range

Are Natura Products Worth Their Price? Let’s Check It Out

Natura has 3 main brands, Avon, Aesop, and The Body Shop. As we know that Natura & Co is an iconic global beauty brand because all brands sell health and beauty products. It is true that Natura products and cosmetics animal test-free. Natura has physical shops to buy its products but you can also buy online as their products are available on Amazon.

Let us check the online prices of all 3 brands(Avon, Aesop & The Body Shop) of similar category.

natura products price comparison

you can compare their prices difference among them and rating is not being shown. It seems new products launched on amazon. So it’s very hard to say which product is worth buying.

Is Natura MLM a Pyramid Scheme?

Let me first explain the difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme

MLM companies not only operate and earn money through the recruiting system (where you have to recruit other members into the system to earn commissions) but they also sell the actual products. While pyramid schemes only breath on the recruiting strategy and don’t actually sell any products.

They also sell their own actual products and at the same time, they make money through recruiting people into their system to earn commissions. According to The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC): “Steer clear of multilevel marketing plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors. They’re actually illegal pyramid schemes.

Whereas Pyramid Schemes don’t sell any products at all. They just rely on recruiting people into their Pyramid Schemes by showing shining object syndrome and get rich scheme. Pyramid Schemes are illegal the reason being they don’t sell physical products.

Although these companies have a legal way of marketing, somehow, an element of the Pyramid Scheme is also involved, making them controversial.

Can You Make Money with Natura Products?

As Natura acquired three well-known brands globally, these brands have various demanding products and massive competition in this market. You can make some cash by selling Natura products online through Amazon FBA, or you can open your physical store. However, to start a business with Natura, you need good marketing skills and some cash to begin.

Natura Brands

No doubt the cosmetics and beauty market is huge but at the same time it’s very competitive.

If you are The Body Shop Consultant, you can earn 20% to 30% commission on your sales. You need to recruit people to join your team if you want to make more money. But again it’s not easy to recruit skilled people in order to boost your sale. There is also a private Facebook group that can also help get the customer, if you have a good grip on social media.

According to my knowledge customers are not bound to use a Consultant to purchase products. They can buy products from the company’s websites( The Body Shop, Aesop, Avon) and through other online stores like Amazon or eBay.

Is the Natura Brasil MLM a Scam?

Natura’s products are in the market since 1969 and one of the biggest companies in Cosmetics & Beauty Lines. So definitely, it is a light company. However, to maximize the profit for the company, Natura adopted the MLM business model by paying a small amount of commission to the consultant. And consultants earned commissions up to 9 Levels.

Natura’s key activities are training, Development, Manufacturing and International Distribution System.



After signing up, a Natura Business Manager will contact you and give you some basic training about brand, products, and future profession.

Huge Range of Products

Natura has a variety of products under 3 big brands (Aesop, Avon, The Body Shop) as I already mentioned above.

Multiple Selling Options

You have various option to sell products

  • You can sell on Amazon FBA
  • You can create your online line store which is most effective and with minimum expense
  • You can sell to people directly or can set up a physical store.


Lack of Support

Customer support is very poor here is one example. A Customer cancel the order before shipment but the company refused to cancel the order

Natura MLM Products Review lack of support

High Prices

One of Avon’s representative was disappointed with the skyrocketing of prices

High Competition

Due to availability of products is found everywhere which makes it hard for Representatives and Consultants to sell the products.

Risk of Cancer

In October 2009 some toxic ingredients found in some Avon Products. Like Paraben, has been shown to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells.

Dr. Epstein points out after testing of breast cancer cells in the laboratory and parabens have been identified as possible causes of breast cancer.

Final Thoughts

This industry is very competitive, which makes it hard to make this a full-time income. The only way to make some cash with this program is to recruit the right people into your team, and it is not easy. And you can spoil your social relationships, which is something nobody wants.

I have created another review post, please check it out here.

There are a lot of other opportunities to make a full-time like make a YouTube channel or create a digital product of your interests. If you want to make money by helping others then check out my #1 recommendation. where you will learn everything which you required to create a successful business. It includes a website, hosting, excellent training, 24/7 support, and great tools.

Natura & Co


Natura Products






Overall Quality



  • Training
  • Huge Range of Products
  • Huge Range of Products


  • Poor Customer Support
  • High Product Prices
  • High Competition
  • Cancer Risk

4 thoughts on “Natura MLM Products Review”

  1. You are correct about the selling on Amazon.  That market is saturated with people undercutting each other and giving up any profits.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate and that has been the best decision I have made so far.  I am a couple months in and already have my website up and its seeing its first flow of visitors.

     I want to thank you for showing the truth to people out there that the Internet is full of scams and flooded markets.  Have a great day.  

  2. I really enjoyed reading your review of Natura and you told me something I didn’t know, that Avon and Body shop is owned by them. I’ve known of Avon most of my life and was interested to read the poor review of the cost of the products now and quality. I guess it would be hard for them to be as competitive in our more natural product world. MLM definitely has a place in home business ownership if you enjoy building a team of people around you but if you prefer the freedom of being an affiliate marketer then creating your own website is probably the best way to go.

    Great explanation, well done.

  3. I am not a huge fan of MLM companies, but I think it is just my personality. Some people make thousands of dollars per month promoting MLM products and expanding their referral base. Natura sounds a bit confusing to me because of all the other brands belonging to them. The biggest thing that ticked me off was the ingredients that will increase your risk of cancer. It is just not worth the risk. 

  4. Hi Awan. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and Im still surprised how many opportunities internet offers. TO be fair I haven’t heard before about Natura MLM program and your detailed review is very helpful. Its seems s a legit business but I wouldn’t invest my time and money into it. Product prices are really high, and MLM is not most effective business model. There are better opportunities online where risk and competition are lower.


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