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Matilda Jane Clothing was established in 2005 by Denise DeMarchis. It is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They sell their clothes to Canada and United States. Their customers are known as Trunk Keepers since they sell their clothes in Trunks.
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According to the lawsuit, Matilda Jane “Trunk Keepers” only earn money from their sales commission and recruit other “Trunk Keepers” to sell Matilda Jane products.

They make clothes for kids and women giving them the freedom to be themselves with bright, imaginative clothing. Some of their clothes are balloon play tunic, ready for the parade tee, chasing butterflies dress, spin around dress, sprinkle candy Shortie, so sunny tank top, rainbow Sherbert cropped legging, carnival ride tunic, confetti party romper, and more.

Matilda Jane History

The history of Matilda Jane and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff about Matilda Jane.

All you need to know about MJ seem to be knowledgeable for your clients and your Janes. So let’ start with just the history of Matilda; Jane Matilda, Jane, was founded by Denise Demarcus in Fort Wayne, Indiana; now kind of interesting Denise was a boy mom.

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What is Matilda Jane MLM?

It is a multi-level marketing company that uses sales associates called Jane’s to market their clothing lines throughout the year.

New clothing options are released twice a year so that the Matilda Janes have interesting and unique clothing items to sell.

Matilda Jane Unique Approach & Strategy

Matilda Jane company has a unique approach that targets a segment of society, whereas most MLM companies usually avoid it. Their sales strategy helps Matilda Jane overcome direct sales stress by removing direct sales and redesigning it as a social gathering.

This friendly way of doing business is one way to eliminate the sales guard and making it easier to make sales.

What is a Jane?

If you sign up to work for the company marketing their clothesline through these Trunk Parties, you will be called a Trunk Keeper, not a Jane. The reason behind that the company sells its Trunks of clothes to those women who do want to work for them.

Matilda Jane Hosting Trunk Show

A Jane label is applied to the person who agrees to host the party. At the same time, the label may make the host feel special. It does little to reward them for the difficult task of hosting. But to get a 50% discount, your show needs to sell at least $300 of clothes.

The Perks of Being Jane

Matilda Jane deals

Where Matilda Jane Name Came from?

She didn’t have any little girls herself, but had she ever had a little girl, she would have named her Matilda Jane, and that’s where the name came from.

So the company truly was her baby, which is very exciting, so she started sewing and working with other seamstresses to sew.

These fantastic cute clothes that you see are so whimsical and fun, selling them at art fairs, and it just took off and all along. The mission of Matilda Jane has remained the same.

The Vision & Spirit of Matilda Jane

The Vision & Spirit of Matilda Jane

Matilda Jane is all about keeping a little girl a little girl. Keeping our youthful, keeping her spinning, twirling, and easy.
And mom not having to fight with her child about what to wear every morning.

The whimsical imagination in the beautiful courage of a girl. This company delights chimes and inspires and their style. It’s super fun and super creative, and we can grow into a chain.

MJC Trunk Keeper gets a build special businesses that are all their own.


How does Matilda Jane MLM work?

To be what they call a Jane, you must sign up at their website, but be careful; not everyone who applies is accepted.

If you sign up, you do your selling through what are called Trunk Keeper parties. You find women who want to host one. The hosts will receive a gift, and all merchandise sold at the party is sent directly to the customer.

Trunk keepers

Matilda Jane clothing offers a very substantial Jane advantages program. To become a Trunk Keeper costs $1500 is a steep investment for many.

Matilda Jane does offer financing and payment plans, and Trunk Keepers often use the seasonal inventory for the big end-of-the-season sales. Trunk keepers are not interested in presenting any additional kind of Jane benefits, vouchers, discounts, economic inducements, or their personal purchase benefits to promote their business in a public manner.

Note faulty must be returned and exchanged within 30 days of the date your order is delivered. Defective items must be returned within 60 days of the delivery date.

During special sales and promotions, items are eligible for exchange or a refund onto an MJC Gift Card. You will also receive everything you need to get started along with a deposit of $100. A portfolio assortment of girl’s clothing and accessories can promote items, marketing materials, racks, and hangers.

This shop clothes sizing does vary from piece to piece including sizes on all pictures here.

Can you make money with Matilda Jane MLM?

This may be hard to make money as the company does not post its compensation plan on its website. It is known to a pretty expensive to join and buy the different trunks each half year.

The Commission split as 20 % on those products that qualify. Then there is a 5 % Commission on Goodluck trunk products and another 5 % on the Platinum sales. You also get a one to nine percent commission on your downline sales up to four levels.

Matilda Jane Cloth Sizes

Matilda Jane has a baby’s line size 2 to 24 months.

Little girls line, which is the heartbeat of the company sizes, 2 to size 14.

Tween line, which is just a little more grown-up, runs size 8 to size 16, and then women’s line, size, extra, small to extra-extra-large.

Baby Clothes

Matilda Jane MLM Review baby-cloth

Girls Clothes

Matilda Jane girls cloth
               Parade Tee                              Summer Break                          Everywhere Tunic                   Bloom Together Tee

Women Clothes

Matilda Jane women clothes

Seasons Timing

Matilda Jane has got two seasons:

1- Spring season start from February through June

2- Fall season from August through December

The spring season and the Fall season both have five releases.

Matilda Jane MLM Pros and Cons:


  • Lots of opportunities for gift bonuses.
  • The commission split is high.
  • Work at home
  • Clothes are made in America
  • Clothes are durable and not cheaply made
  • Variety of products to sell
  • Free training
  • Two ways to make money.


  • Pay to play, and it is not cheap
  • Unknown compensation plan
  • Must maintain monthly quotas to be paid
  • Support is lacking
  • The company is not very transparent
  • No ads can be used
  • You pay to quit the company
  • Pay a $ 300 non-refundable deposit on trunks
  • Lose Commissions on returned items
  • Have to be a resident of Canada or America
  • Only to qualify to sell their products

Is Matilda Jane MLM Legitimate?

As MLM corporations go yes, the company is very legitimate, their product line is not made on the cheap and they do seem to have a lot of very satisfied customers.

What makes it hard to see them as legitimate is that they compete with their own salespeople, making it tough to make any sales, as women can stay at home and not attend those parties you are required to give.

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This is a unique business opportunity as there are not a lot of MLM corporations that target doll, girls, and women’s clothing as a way to make a lot of money.

The clothing is brightly colored and the designs are upbeat as well as fashion-forward. The strategy may be old-fashioned, but it helps women who have a hard time selling make a lot of sales.

As far as the uniqueness goes, Matilda Jane’s business structure is pure MLM style, which doesn’t bode well for the independent Trunk Keepers.

Just enter the business, knowing what you are getting into so you have no surprises. That way you won’t be shocked when something goes wrong.

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Matilda Jane MLM




Support is lacking


No ads can be used


Overall Product Qaulity


Free training



  • Free training
  • Work at home
  • Two ways to make money
  • Clothes are durable and not cheaply made
  • Lots of opportunities for gift bonuses


  • Pay to play and it is not cheap
  • Compensation plan clear
  • Must maintain monthly quotas to be paid
  • Support is lacking
  • The company is not very transparent

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  1. Hello there! This is an informative post. I personally have not heard of the Matilda Jane Clothing brand before. The history you provided in your post has been interesting to read. I did not know it was a MLM type of business until I read your review. I have tried MLM businesses before but my experiences in it have been rough. Seeing that MLM members/representatives in this company have to compete with their own sales people sounds even more challenging. Might not be the opportunity for me at this time but thanks for the review.

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for your the time to read the review post. Yes, your absolutely right; this is not the real opportunity to join this program. Instead, I intend to write this to provide awareness about MLM programs and show the alternative programs that are much easier to adopt by helping others.

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  2. Greeting! What a great article you’ve shared. I must say that this is my first time hearing about Matilda Jane MLM and I did not realize that Matilda Jane is an MLM. During these hard times of the high unemployment rate, I personally think that it is worth a try as I already have experienced making business with MLM. thanks for sharing this amazing information with us about Matilda Jane. I will be sharing further too.


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