LifeMail Review | Ultimate Email Marketing Suite

So What Is LifeMail All About?

LifeMail is the complete email marketing platform best for your business where you pay only for one time and enjoy the services for a lifetime. LifeMail has made email marketing campaigns quite easier. You can send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts with just a few simple steps.

It offers its users the premium drag and drop editor, which allows you to schedule your emails to promote your business products. Eye-catching email templates are available which fit your needs perfectly. The most amazing feature of LifeMailis the provision of built-in SMTP.
LifeMail is 100% free with the basic email marketing features and affordable up-gradation offers for premium features. Boost your business, enhance your visibility and increase conversion to generate more revenue by using LifeMail for email marketing.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Suite

  • Unlimited Emails Campaigns, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Lists
  • Advanced Email Template Builder
  • Built-In Email Templates
  • Embed Subscription Form To Your Own Website
  • No Monthly Fees, No Limits

Trigger Emails On Auto-Pilot For
✔List Subscription
✔List Unsubscription
✔ Subscriber’s Birthday
✔ Subscriber’s Custom Criteria like… Exceeding Quota, Balance Falling Below Minimum, Package Plan Expiration, Etc.

Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:

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  • Get started immediately to make your first affiliate sale
  • Pay once, profit forever without any restrictions
  • 100% hosted on a reliable cloud server & optimized for seamless mobile usage
  • Limitless possibilities- Unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers & unlimited lists
  • Ready to convert opt-in forms, guaranteed-to-work email templates
  •  Age, Skill & Experience No Bar


Only 1-Time LifeMail: $27 usually $97
Free SMTP Included Within This Special Offer

Access the powerful LifeMail software and training modules.

What are the benefits of buying LifeMail?

LifeMail provides you with several benefits to reach the targeted audience and send emails that grab their attention towards the products and services your business offers.

⦁ Accessibility

The LifeMailis 100% cloud-based which allows you to access it from any device. The user can log in online from anywhere and start email marketing campaigns. Start using LifeMail today and grow your business. Let people know about your brand.

⦁ Easy to use

LifeMail is automated. No technical expertise is required to run the campaign through LifeMail, and it is perfect for all types of businesses. Built-in forms are available to create a list. Email editor allows you to make your emails exciting and interesting to grab the attention of the reader.

⦁ Email delivery

100% of emails will be delivered if the list made is credible. All these emails are delivered to the recipient inbox, and no emails are marked as spam or blocked. The new feature of SMTP, businesses can send unlimited emails and ensure that the receiver reads them.

⦁ Mass email Campaigns

You can send thousands of emails using the SMTP advanced feature without getting your IP address blocked. Email can easily get scheduled for the promotion of business. There is no limit to send emails, so you can send as much as you want.

⦁ Low cost

You can get LifeMail at a very low one-time cost; there are no extra taxes and monthly charges for that. The cost is affordable for small businesses with huge benefits. For a short time, initial customers are offered special discount offers.

⦁ Analytical Data

You can track your email marketing campaigns, LifeMail allows you to keep an eye on how many people read your emails, the click rate for the products offered, and so on.

⦁ Training

There are video lectures for the users that guide the step-by-step process of using the LifeMail? The full guideline is provided for list creation, sending bulk emails, etc. You can boost your business rapidly and bring more conversions with LifeMail.


The feature of automation is the most amazing. When running a business, you need to communicate with hundreds of thousands of customers daily, so LifeMail has brought you the opportunity to automate the process and save your time and energy.

⦁ Bonuses

There are various valuable and special bonus offers for your business success that you can get with LifeMail. These can benefit you by bringing more traffic to your website.

 (Value $427.95)








Who can use LifeMail?
LifeMailwith free built-in templates are easy to use and best for those who want simple and user-friendly software for email marketing. LifeMail, as the name suggests, provides very reasonable offers for a lifetime; you can free yourself from the burden of monthly and yearly subscription fees.

What is unique about LifeMail?

LifeMail is providing bonuses, and special discount offers to its customers. You can be the lucky one to join LifeMail with the lowest rates with the best services for a lifetime. You will not be required to pay the monthly fees.
Do not miss this Golden Opportunity. Be the lucky won and win bonus.


All of this is covered by a ‘no-questions asked’ 30-day money-back guarantee

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