Launch Jacking With Affiliate Marketing

Hello & welcome to my “Hacking Your Way to Success –
Affiliate Marketing” Course. In this course, you will
learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing via the
a powerful method of “Launch Jacking”. After watching &
digesting this course, you will be able to go out there
and start making money right away using 100% free
(and warm) traffic.

What is Launch Jacking?
To understand what exactly Launch Jacking is, it is important to know the background of the basic model of email marketing. To understand this whole model, I am giving you a real-time example in which I will show you websites and tools where entrepreneurs and marketers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every day by using the same method and tools.

The typical and traditional way to make money online with email marketing is building up an email list of subscribers. Sometimes this list is tens of thousands of subscribers even hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And people go to calender which is called, it is a collection of people’s launches on various plateforms.

Here are those famous platforms.

So everyday people are promoting their digital and informative products, which they are selling on these platforms every single day.

So here you can see every single day multiple products are being launched where affiliates get 50% – %100 commission on the front end and upsales they get 50% commission.

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Products Launch Calendar

Now, what happened traditionally people go to Muncheye calendar and find the product which they want to promote and then send the newsletter to their subscribers along with affiliate link to promote that product. when someone clicks that affiliate link, then he redirects to that sales page of that particular product and if he buys that product then the person who owns that subscriber will get paid a commission.
In this way, he earned a lot of money if he owns 10,000 or more subscribers email list.

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Basic Model of Email Marketing

This is the basic system/model which is working for a long time and still it is being used very effectively right now today.

Now here comes Launch Jacking to hack the sale from email marketers.

Its 2 step formula to hack the sale.

1- Make a YouTube review video or write a Blog post on your websites
2- Offer some bonuses for free
When email marketers send email to their subscribers with the affiliate link of the product. Mostly, there is not enough information about the product in the email. So subscribers search on YouTube or Google to find more information about the product.

Where they find the review videos of that product and custom bonuses. As everybody knows that the bonuses play a vital role to make the sales.

Ministry of Freedom launch_jacking
Launch Jacking with affiliate marketing

If the product is explained very well along custom bonuses then the subscribers prefer to buy that product through his link which usually given in description section of the review video.

Benifits of Launch Jacking

1- It’s a free method
2- Build your email list
3-The Same Format For Future Promotions With an Email List
4- Builds Your Brand, Trust & Rapport
5- Build Your Confident On Camera
6- Prepares You For Product Creation/Webinars/Everything
I would like to share a link of MOF review and free training

This method is really going to help you and there’s a lot of people are making twenty thousand dollars per month full-time with this method alone.

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