Breeze Funnels Review & My Insane Bonuses

What Is Breeze Funnels All About?

Breeze Funnels Is A Smart Viral Funnel Builder That Allows You To Create Your Own World-Class Sales Funnel With Free Traffic From The Hottest Source Online, In Less Than 2 Minutes.
In a nutshell, Breeze funnels is a funnel builder, and it also comes with extensive traffic training and tutorials.
In addition, you can build your email list by capture the traffic that you going to send to your funnels.

  • One-Click – Create funnels in one mouse click…
  • Unlimited – Create, host and profit from unlimited funnels…
  • Done-For-You – Funnels, templates and themes…
  • 24/7 Profit – Make money while you sleep on autopilot…
  • Newbie friendly – No technical expertise required…
  • Effortless integrations – With your fav autoresponders and tools…
  • Hosting Included – Do you never need to pay for a web host…
  • No monthly fees – Pay once and access forever…

Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting

  • Activate Ready-To-Go Funnels In 3- Clicks- Create 10 Magic-Funnels per month…
  • Free Traffic – Generate free traffic on autopilot from 5 of the hottest websites on the planet…
  • 24/7 Profit – Make money while you sleep on autopilot…
  • Done-For-You – Funnels, templates, and themes…
  • 3-Figures Per Day Video Tutorials
  • Newbie friendly – No technical expertise required…
  • Effortless integrations – With your fav autoresponders and tools…
  • Hosting Included – Do you never need to pay for a web host…
  • Money-back guarantee – 180-day guarantee…
  • No monthly fees – Pay once and access forever…

Members Area Of Breeze Funnels

This is the member’s area of Breeze Funnels where you find Settings, Training, and Tutorials, etc.

Breeze Funnel Dashboard

Integration with Autoresponder

You can also capture the traffic by integrating autoresponder to your funnels onto your email list in order to build up your email list before you send them on to any affiliate offer.

Breeze Funnels Settings
Integration with Autoresponder


Training on Breeze Funnels

Breeze Funnels provide adequate training for the Creation of MS Ads/ Bing Ads; one can review auto respondents. The video tutorials are elementary and straightforward.

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Breeze Funnels Training
Training how to get traffic to you funnel


There are several video tutorials on the website where one can learn and everything about creating sales funnels. The process of creating the funnels is made simpler and faster by the efficient brains. Videos share the information about the campaigns, create the landing pages, generate ads, thank you page, export the data, manage the campaign, and so on.

Breeze Funnels Tutorials
How to create Breeze Funnels

My Access Areas

Access the powerful Breeze Funnels software, training modules, tutorials, and support. It only cost you $17. This is a Front End offer in which you can create up to 10 funnels per month. When once you used to Breeze Funnels then you upgrade your account to get access to create unlimited funnels.

Breeze Funnels Access Area
Your current Access Area

Prices & Up-Sells

Front End – Breeze Funnels: $17

Access the powerful Breeze Funnels software and training modules.

Upsell #1 – Breeze Funnels Unlimited: $39

– 450 Search, Extract, Emulate
– Create up to 100 campaigns (Software/Hosted)
– Create and Download Unlimited HTML Campaigns/Templates
– 10+ (5 additional) Category Landing Pages
– Spin – Description, tags, titles added, and spinning content option.
– Image selection addition: upload your own images
– Syndication to 7 platforms
– Generate up to 100 ads (50 additional)
– Analytics
– Other Pages – Privacy Policy, Terms, disclaimer
– WordPress publishing – Publish OMNI pages on your own WP site
– Funnel Clone – Quickly clone successful funnels

Upsell #2 – Breeze Funnels Automation: $37

– Create Automated Pages And Funnels
– Automatically give titles, descriptions, tags options to choose from
– Put a Brand name to create automated pages
– Create up to 300 campaigns
– 20+ Category landing pages
– Generate up to 100 ads
– Analytics
– Other Pages – Privacy Policy, Terms, disclaimer
– WordPress Publishing

Upsell #3 – Breeze Funnels DFY: $97

BreezeFunnels DFY comes with…

– 10 reseller products
– Ready to use videos
– Each product comes with guaranteed approval
– Pays commission on all sales

Upsell #4 – Breeze Funnels Agency: $47

– Reseller package – Unlimited Sales
– Includes promotional material

Upsell #5 – Breeze Funnels 1k Week V5: $127

1k Week V5 is a full fill in the blanks affiliate system including video instructions and 10 Done-for-You products.

Upsell #6 – Breeze Funnels Bundle: $127

3-in-1 Software Bundle

Features of Breeze Funnels

Many features of the breeze funnels make it perfect to use for creating a sales funnel and enhance your business sales. The advanced features of the breeze funnels are listed below.

  • Cloud-Based Funnels
  • Viral Funnels
  • Built-In Ads Generation
  • Customer Guide and Support
  • Simple and Less Time Consuming
  • Unlimited Funnels With Variable Templates
  • Other Advanced Features

Cloud-Based Funnels

The breeze funnels is a cloud-based system that can get accessed from any device at any time. The system is online and easily accessible at any place; you can work any time you want to.

Viral Funnels

The breeze funnels provide the best opportunity to expand your business and get loads of traffic through the viral sales funnel. Customers follow the viral funnels and make a purchase. It has all the features that an effective sales funnel should have.

Built-In Ads Generation

Built-in ad generation features make it versatile. There are many templates for ads; the process does not require technical skills; with the basic knowledge, a beginner can create unique ads that can grab the viewer’s attention.

Customer Guide and Support

The sales funnel has a guide for the customer while searching for a product to buy from your website. The funnels can direct the customer to the purchase of the particular product.

Simple And Less Time Consuming

The funnels can get created with a single click. A newbie with no experience can create funnels for all kinds of business. E-commerce websites are using these funnels for converting visitors into customers and making the sales process more accessible.

Unlimited Funnels With Variable Templates

Unlimited funnels can get created with breeze funnels. There are several templates built for convenience with the best themes to engage the customers.
Breeze funnels provide free traffic on autopilot from the five best websites.

Low Investment-Only Once

The investment is low and affordable for small as well as large businesses. You can relieve yourself from monthly subscription fees. The advanced services get provided at the cost of initial investment, which itself is very low. So breeze funnels are built to increase your sales and grow your business.

Other Advanced Features

  • Video tutorials are present on the website to guide the users to access the breeze funnel and create sales funnel to sell products and services and enhance the traffic on the website.
  • Hosting comes in the package. There is no need to search for an external host, which will decrease the overall cost.
  • Breeze funnels can get integrated with autoresponders and tools, and the process is straightforward.
    Because of all these features, it is highly recommended to use the breeze funnels to increase sales by engaging more traffic to the website.

Here are my exclusive bonuses including vendor bonuses

Bonus #1

I’m, going to give you access to miracle commissions, which is going to show you how to create unlimited wealth from the internet.

Bonus #2

I’m, going to show you how to monetize your blog, so you can make money from different websites.

Bonus #3

I’m, going to give you access to the newbie traffic system, which is a complete system that’s, been put together for complete newbies to make money online.

Bonus #4

I’m, going to show you the content, curation hack, that you can use so that you can use this when you’re. Putting your breeze funnels together. So you don’t need to think of anything to write on your own.

Bonus #5

All vendor bonuses, here is the list of bonuses

  • Insta feed
  • Insta widget
  • Ve got pro reviews
  • Magna traffic
  • Spike
  • smart promoter
  • Smart curator
  • Flip me
  • Hookup
  • WP ultra pop smart commenter
  • And much more…


Breeze funnel is affordable, and a one-time investment can lead you to the lifetime benefit. There is no subscription fee, and the use is simple without any technical knowledge; a beginner can easily create and manage the funnels for business. Multiple templates are already present, and the platform is reliable. Do not waste time if you want to enhance your sales through the sales funnel; Breeze Funnels is the best platform.


Breeze Funnels






Overall Quality



  • One Click - Create funnels in one mouse click
  • Done-For-You - Funnels, templates and themes
  • No monthly fees - Pay once and access forever
  • Newbie friendly - No technical expertise required
  • Traffic Training and Tutorials included


  • Paid Traffic
  • In start it can be overwhelming for newbies

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