Hey what’s going on everyone? It’s jonah here from jonah Welcome to my breeze funnels review. Now i’m here inside the members area of breeze funnels and during this video i’m, going to give you a run through and a demo of exactly what this is in a nutshell.

Breeze funnels is a funnel builder, but it also comes with extensive traffic training, and you can also capture the traffic that you get to your funnels onto your email list to build up your email list before you send them on to any affiliate offer that you want To make money from now, this is kind of similar to another website which is called leadpages.

net, which you can see here now. Leadpages is just a bunch of templates to help you make landing pages that are self-hosted for you and you can see the prices here. I mean the cheapest price that they have is 27 a month and leadpages.

net doesn’t come with any kind of traffic training like breeze funnels does okay uh, so breeze funnels is a one-time, only payment, it’s, not a monthly, and It comes with all this traffic training as well.

So if it’s, something that you i would be interested in then, stick with me, because i’m going to go into more detail. I’ve, also put together a ton of custom bonuses for those of you like to pick this up, find my link, which is down below in the description of this youtube video.

When you click on that link, it’s, going to bring you through to this page right here, which is my bonus page, and if you want to pick up breeze funnels. All you need to do is get yourself to this page scroll down.

Click on any of these yellow buttons on my bonus page as of 11 am eastern standard time today, which is the 18th of march okay, when you click on that any of these buttons. As of that time, it will bring you through to the sales page that will look like this.

We can go ahead and pick this up. You’ll need to pick it up before. That is interesting. We’ll talk about that in a second you ‘ Ll need to pick it up before the countdown timer on my bonus. Page here hits zero, because when it does, all of my bonuses will disappear and obviously that’s.

Something that i don’t want you to miss out on, because i’ve spent a long time putting this bonus package together, so that you can get the best out of breeze as possible, so bonus number one. I’m, going to give you access to miracle commissions, which is going to show you how to create unlimited wealth from the internet.

Okay, it’s. An e-book actually bonus number two. I’m, going to show you how to monetize your blog, so you can make money from different websites bonus. Number three: i’m, going to give you access to the newbie traffic system, which is a complete system that’s, been put together for complete newbies to make money online bonus number four.

I’m, going to show you the content, curation hack, that you can use so that you can use this when you’re. Putting your breeze funnels together. So you don’t need to think of anything to write on your own.

It’s all been done for you inside of this bonus right here and then bonus number five. I’m, going to give you access to the following bonuses that the vendor’s given to me to give to you. So you’ve got instafeed, you’ve got insta widget, you ‘

Ve got pro reviews you’ve, got magna traffic and feel free to pause. The video, if you want to read through the descriptions here you’ve, also got viral feeds. You’ve got spike, you ‘ Ve got smart promoter, you ‘

Ve got smart curator, you’ve got flip me, you’ve got hookum, you have wp ultra pop smart commenter, so see quick, zap deals. Wp facebook quiz creator, you’ve, got mobile two-step, opt-in, generator wp in content, pop-up pro and you’ve, also got wp.

Video focus, you’ve, got 18 bonuses right there from the vendor, which you ‘ Ll get free of charge, and you can also get all of my custom bonuses completely free of charge as part of your purchase.

Even if you just pick up the front end, which is only going to be 17 and it’s, actually going to be even cheaper than that and i’ll show you how to get it cheaper than that in a second. But you will get all of the bonuses i just mentioned to you thrown in completely free of charge and instantly delivered, even if you just pick up that front end for 17 bucks right so uh to get all of those bonuses simply get yourself to my bonus.

Page here, scroll down click on any of these orange sorry, yellow buttons as of 11 a.m. Eastern standard time, on the 18th of march, that’ll, bring you through to the sales page, which will look like this, where you can go ahead and pick this up as soon as you picked it up, you would simply need to go through to Your warrior plus account in the top right hand, side you’re, going to see your username click on purchase, history, click on breeze funnels and that will bring you through to your receipt page.

That will look something like this right here, where you’ll, find a blue button on that page. That says access affiliate bonus when you click on that blue button, you’ll, get instant free access to every single one of these bonuses.

I just talked about just now completely free of charge, even if you just pick up the front end, which is only going to be 17 bucks. So let’s, go and have a look at the sales page, and it says here latest cutting edge funnel builder at a one-time price.

You’re 60 seconds away from activating your first breeze funnel. That gets you free autopilot traffic and sales in three clicks. Even if you’re, a newbie with zero tech skills and zero experience, so check out the sales video here which you’ll, be able to go and watch um and there’s, a ton more information on here.

You got some income proof, blah blah blah blah blah blah so check it out in your own time. I’m, not gonna spend too much time on here, but i do want to show you how you can get this cheaper than 17. So once you come through to this sales page from my bonus page by clicking on any of these yellow buttons, if you try to exit the page, you’re, going to see this pop-up that’s, going to come up, which will Give you an instant five dollar discount, so it’ll.

Take that price down from 17 down to 12 and remember for that 12. You also get access to all the bonuses i mentioned to you at the beginning of this video completely free of charge. As part of that 12 purchase right, so let’s, go into the members area and let me show you around so it looks like this now.

First of all, this is the dashboard right here, so you can see all the campaigns that you’ve made. I would start off by going to the settings tab here and integrating this with one of these autoresponders, which you’re, probably going to be using right now, but this will basically send all of the email addresses through to whichever autoresponder that you’re building to use to build up your email list, so it’s very easy to integrate, and then you ‘

Ve got training here now the training is actually about traffic. So this isn’t one of those products that just gives you a bunch of pages that you can use. This actually shows you how to get traffic from microsoft, ads or bing ads, and this is a lot cheaper than doing it from facebook ads or google ads microsoft.

Ads are a lot cheaper, so learn how to do that. More microsoft, ad training, more microsoft, ad training here, autoresponders overview, so it’s, going to show you how to plug in that autoresponder and then the key main keyword strategy – and this is the idea behind this training – is going to show you how to Get traffic traffic to the pages that you create inside of breeze funnels, which i’ll.

Show you how to do in a minute you ‘ Ve also got tutorials here, which is going to show you how to actually use the software itself. How to create landing pages, how to create image, pin campaigns, how to generate ads using breeze funnels, how to create a thank you page.

Everything that you need to use this software, you can see is an extensive amount of training in here that comes with this. So you’re, not going to be left alone right. So if i go back to the dashboard here, i’ll.

Just quickly show you how to set up a campaign using breeze funnels you’d. Simply, click on create new campaign, just uh come up with a name for it. Let’s. Do that submit and then you’d enter in a keyword.

So i’m just going to use, make money online and it’s, going to find these related pins from pinterest, which you can use. As what’s called inspiration to help on your landing page. You can go and add a bunch of these ones in if you want and then click on next and then it’s, going to ask you whether you want to create a landing page or whether you want to create a pin.

Now i’m, not quite sure what the whole pin thing does. I guess it just posts them onto pinterest to get you traffic, but the main reason that breeze funnels have been put together is because of its landing pages.

So let’s. Focus on that so create a landing page. It’s, going to give you all of these different templates that you can go and use. So you ‘ Ve got free, guide e-commerce, landing, page, simple, opt-in, page basic opt-in, page squeeze, page lead generation, webinar discount offer opt-in page and all these other ones.

Now, to use you just go and look at the templates that you’ve got and you could go and choose any one of these. You can either preview it or edit it by clicking on this one, which is what i’m. Going to do now, so you can come through here.

You can change any of the text on here. Okay, you can change your logo. So if you, if you have your own logo, you can upload it from here or you can go to pixabay, you can go and search for whatever you want, because all of these images on pixabay are completely free.

So if you want to do that, i recommend actually making your own logo properly uh and not doing it like this. But you know, push comes to shove and you don’t have a logo. Then you can do something like that right.

So then you can go and edit any of the text on here. You can go and write whatever you want. Okay and then you can go and uh add a new. Well, i presume you would have added in your autoresponder already, but you can go and sort the api settings from your autoresponder there.

I know that might have sounded pretty technical, but it really isn’t. You can also put your tracking code in here for google and also facebook. You’ve got seo options which i don ‘ T really think is going to work well with landing pages, and then you can go and edit your thank you page.

So after somebody has filled in their name in their email address, where do you want to send them to do you want to display a message, or do you want to redirect them? What i suggest you do is choose redirect user and then you you send them on to your affiliate links.

It’s, going to send them on to an affiliate office. You can make money, okay and you can choose same window on new window form controls. You can choose what you want to put there and then you ‘ Ve got the styling options as well.

If you want to change the background image and stuff like that, so it’s, pretty simple! To use! Once you’ve done that okay, you can go and create a pin for pinterest. It’s, going to send it to here, and you can see.

It also comes with a privacy policy disclaimer and all that kind of stuff which is useful for bing ads. Obviously, you need to go and change that because it’s, all lorem ipsum kind of stuff, but definitely do that.

If you’re going to be wanting to use bing ads, so click on update. And then you will have your page here now. I know i’ve only just done this as a flying demo, but once you have that link there, this is going to be the link that you’re, going to be sending your traffic to okay.

So this is going to be the link that you will need to put into your bing ads. All of this is self-hosted by these guys they all upload they all um show very quickly. Okay, so there’s, no lag or anything in the pages which is perfect for paid traffic, so that’s.

Basically everything it does. Let me quickly talk to you about the price and the upsells, so we know that everything that i just showed you on the front end is going to be 17 or 12. If you take advantage of that pop-up discount on the sales page upsell number, one is gonna be 37.

This is going to be the unlimited version, so it’s going to allow you to do 450 searches create up to 100 campaigns, instead of just probably like 5 or 10, with the with the front end version, and then all of these other additional Features here up sign number two is the automation version.

This is going to be 37 and it will allow you to create automated pages and funnels put a brand name to create automated pages, create up to 300 campaigns, 20 plus category landing pages that come with templates.

Upsell number three is the breeze funnels done, for you is going to be 97, and this will come with 10 reseller products that you can use to make money from and keep 100 of the money with ready to use videos.

Each product comes with guaranteed approval as well to promote, which is pretty good. So if you’re brand new, then this is definitely going to help you out pays commissions on all sales upside number.

Four is the funnels agency. It’s. Gon na be 47, this is a reseller package with unlimited sales. All you do is send your traffic to this exact sales page right here. Instead of keeping fifty percent of these price points as a regular affiliate, you get to keep a hundred percent of these price points, which is pretty cool and upsell number five is breeze.

Funnels 1k a week version five: it’s, gonna be 127, and this is going to be um. It’s, going to be advanced training on affiliate marketing plus 10. For you done for your products and then okay, final upsell is upsell number six, which is breeze funnels bundle.

This is going to be 127 dollars and this is a three-in-one software bundle. I don’t have any other information about that. There’s, also a demo video which you can go and watch on my bonus page by clicking on that link down below.

In the description coming through to my bonus page and scrolling down you’ll, be able to watch that demo. Video right there, don’t forget to check out my bonuses. These are all yours, 100, free of charge and instantly delivered to you.

Even if you just pick up that front end, which is only gonna, be uh 12. If you get that pop-up uh downsell thing, so that brings me to the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching my breeze funnels review and i’ll speak to you on the next one.

All the best take care.