7 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post



Content marketing is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. But it takes a long time to write a blog post, especially in the beginning. Today, I’m going to share with you 7 tips for writing an awesome blog post.

Follow These Simple 7 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post

Tip #1

The first thing you need to do takes your time writing the first few blog posts. This is how you’ll figure out your style, what you like writing about, you’ll figure out what readers want and what they don’t like.

Once you know your liking and finalized your niche, you can start templatizing. When you begin templatizing, the first thing you need to do is figure out the structure of all your blog posts. This process will set you in the right direction and increase your writing efficiency.

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Tip #2

ou create a basic template.

  • Introduction 
  • (5 -6 lines including keyphrase)
  • Body 
  • (I usually use H2, H3 headings, and some bullet points depending on a blog post. Each title contain at least one paragraph consists of 6 lines on max)
  • Conclusion
  • (at least 5-6 lines paragraph some time couple of section of the same length include SLI keywords including the main keyphrase)

Now that you have your template, you want to fill them in every time you have a new blog post. For example, when I write a blog post, what I do is first write the introduction. I know that after the opening, I have a body section.

Tip #3

I take the main ideas, and I turn them into headings, subheadings, and bullet points if required in the body section. Then, I write my conclusion because every one of my blog posts has a conclusion. Then, I go back to the body, and I fill in each heading with content. It could be a few paragraphs, and it could be a few bullet points. It depends on the contents.

Tip #4

The next step is images. You want to figure out where to get pictures fast.

There’s a lot of free stock photography sites out there like pixabay and pexels. I run a few quick searches, find an image, and add it within my blog post. Without photos, your blog post won’t do as well because a picture says a thousand words.

No one wants to read text.

Tip #5

The next thing you need to do is create rules. I use some rules for my blog, and you can copy them if you want for your blog.
I always use the words “YOU” and “I” within my blog post.
Conversation b/w You & I

7 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post You & I
Conversation b/w You & I

It makes it feel like it’s a conversation between you and me, help to enhance more engagement.

Tip #6

The next thing that I do is I always keep paragraphs short (5-6 lines on Max). My paragraphs typically are never longer than five lines. I try to keep them around four or five lines.
keep five lines paragraph on max

7 tips for writing an awesome blog post keep 5 lines paragraph at max
keep 5 lines paragraph on max

Sometimes I even have 1 line paragraphs.

Tip #7

The next thing I do is always use six or seven images, if not more, throughout my blog post. I also link out to my research sites to give credit to those sites.

Those are my main rules. By following these tips, you will start creating your excellent blog post after some practice


If you follow those tips, you’ll be able to templatize your blog writing process, and it shouldn’t take you more than two hours to write a blog post. If you’re spending more than two hours after writing few posts, you will be in a position to write a blog post within two hours.

If you don’t know how to come up with ideas, use JAAXY, type in keywords, it’ll show you what’s hot and what’s not.

If the issue is you have writer’s block, then you know what? Go outside, do something or some activities, then come back and write. It could be that you’re distracted. If you’re distracted, find a different place to write your blog post.

Follow all those tips, and you’ll be able to write excellent blog posts fast. 

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